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coaching holistique accompagnement vie maladie famille
holistic coaching life support illness family

Holistic coaching
Change counselling



About coaching

Coaching :

Coaching is a journey. I go on a part of that journey with you. I walk along on that specific leg of your journey with respect, positivity and competence. It can be when too many questions stay unanswered, when change is needed in your professional, personal or emotional life, when some issues come back time and time again or when you go through a loss. I use tools issued from positive psychology, transactional analysis, neuroscience, intuition, hypnosis to strengthen the qualities and resources that are yours already. With respect, trust, compassion and kindness I walk side-by-side with you to make lasting, positive changes in how you perceive and live your life.

 It takes a lot of courage to choose to make a change, and I love to be a witness to individuals feeling more empowered, discovering their true potential, living with hope and loving their new self.

Changement :

Change is frightening.

To bring change costs a lot of energy and often status quo is easier, as unconfortable as it may be. To implement real change, dedication to the goal is necessary to see where it can bring us. My role is to help you find in yourself that source of energy.

Change is an opportunity.

An opportunity to discover new treasures, to realise dreams, to find balance, to give meaning, to meat new people, to find one's place, to be empowered. It is an opportunity to go foreward, to evolve, to develop, to discover your true self.

Who am I?

Mother, wife, nurse, I am a woman looking towards Life and always searching for fill my days with more of it. Having been personnally touched by illness, I searched for the meaning it had for me. That introspection alowed me to discover a vast and thrilling world where the boundaries between occidental and traditional medicines wheren't so thick.

Forever, humans and their interelations have been a passion for me. That passion led me to be a nurse first and then a coach. It's very naturally that my interest for bringing change into one's life turned into change counselling. It is a privilege to be the witness of positive changes into the lives of the persons who give me their trust.


I work in creating a bridge between all the unique parts that make us who we are. I attain it by integrating various knowledge based on western medicine and holistic medicine.


My intimate conviction is that by allowing the different sides of us, our body, our intelligence, our emotions and our beliefs to come to awareness, we become more mindfull of what is happening inside of us, of what happens in our interactions with others. This enhanced self consciousness when it leads to acceptance of who we are, allows to transform our lives for us to experiment it to its fullest, filled with happiness, peace and contentment. 

holistic coaching life support illness family

Services and rates


Life coaching

Grief, burn-out, anxiety, ...



Individual coaching:

CHF 150.-

3 appointments package : CHF 400.-

5 appointments package: CHF 600.-


Early childhood family coaching

Parental exhaustion, educative framework, children oriented difficulties such as sleeping or eating 


Chronic disease therapeutic education

Cardio-vascular illnesses such as hypertension or heart failure. Diabetes, cancer, rheumatic disease, ...

How it works


Depending of your needs and the goal you wish to attain, we define together the ideal number of appointments, usually between 3 and 5 to start with.

During the first appointment, we will get to know each other and will establish together the goal to attain if you decide to start a process of coaching with me. The first appointment is free and allows us to confirm if we can work together.

Then I use educational and fun tools to allow you to achieve your goal. Every coaching cession takes about 90 minutes.

Who and where

My office is in Vers-L'Eglise, near Les Diablerets in Switzerland.


It is possible to do all the cessions virtually except for the first one where I like for us to meet in person if you live in the area. For virtual cessions I use Zoom. If you live too far, all virtual cessions are possible.

I coach adults, men and women, teenagers, families and couples. I do individual and group cessions or a mix of both.

coaching holistique accompagnement vie maladie famille


“Anouchka accompanied me in a difficult moment of my life and I was able to regain confidence in myself and my resources thanks to the tools she proposed and her very accurate questions.

- Anonymous





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coaching holistique accompagnement vie maladie famille


Anouchka André

Chemin des Jeans 16, 1864 Vers-L’Eglise
Les Diablerets - VD

+41 78 819 14 22


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