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Surpass yourself

For me this morning, pushing myself looked like this. I overcame my fatigue, my aching back, my desire to wrap myself in a comfortable blanket and sink into my sofa. I went out, got some fresh air and walked my dog. I overcame all these obstacles and it cost me mentally and physically. But I knew why I was doing it! Getting outside and getting some fresh air is good for my immune system. Walking is good for my metabolism, warming up my muscles will help me have less back pain in the coming days, being close to nature and seeing its beauty is good for my morale and seeing my dog frolicking and having fun with a stone or a piece of wood brings me face to face with the simplicity of life. In 40 minutes, I set the tone for my day. Today, I surpassed myself in an activity that is mundane for a large part of the population. But today I am proud of myself, because I had the courage and the resources to take this first, most difficult step.

The term surpassing oneself brings to mind great athletes, their mental strength which allows them to surpass the limits that their body would otherwise impose on them. It's very fashionable to talk about these extraordinary people who push back what we thought was possible, ultra-trailers, Ironmans and other Mike Horn feats. They are highlighted because what they do is not given to the majority of people and they deserve this positive regard. These people can make us dream, but if we are not attentive, their exploits can plunge us into a form of sadness. They are absolutely not responsible for that fact! Because we only talk about what is extraordinary, the ordinary becomes very bland...

I would like to highlight the strength it sometimes takes to simply live everyday life. I think of all the mothers who don't get enough sleep, sometimes for months or years but who continue to respond with gentleness and love to those around them... it's an achievement! I think of all the people who live with one form or another of chronic pain, of the energy it takes from them. Despite everything, they go to work every day, don't complain and do as much as the others. I think of all those people who live under the cloud of depression or anxiety and who continue to get out of bed day after day and cling to the hope that life could become better, however tenuous it may be. They are everyday heroes.

Sometimes pushing yourself is just getting out of the house. Sometimes, surpassing yourself means listening to someone. Sometimes surpassing yourself means cleaning up.

Let's not neglect the power of these small gestures! They're not mind-blowing and won't stop the crowds, but they count!

It took me a long time to look at these small gestures with respect. Our culture highlights good results, encourages competition, productivity... but this outlook can be overwhelming, guilt-inducing, despairing... I encourage you to create your outlook, to be kind to your life and your choices, to count your victories and your successes, without comparison or competition.

If this approach appeals to you, contact me!

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