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But where lives happiness?

A few months ago we went on a trip and we are still there! Who are "we"? Well, it's my husband, our 3 children, our 9 month old Labrador puppy and me. In a motorhome on the roads of Europe for a year. A desire to see elsewhere, to live differently, to explore other ways of living everyday life and to see if happiness can be found elsewhere. A desire to leave known constraints, schedules, extra-curricular activities or social obligations. A desire to revisit the functioning of our family and to find more satisfaction in all the little things that we no longer take the time to savor. In fact, just the desire to offer ourselves unforgettable memories and to see if the grass is really greener elsewhere. Halfway through this journey, one thing is obvious. It is not the fact of changing places that changes life, it is the way we look at life which, when it changes, brings us new perceptions. We left certain constraints related to the "traditional" life that we led and new constraints appeared, related to the "nomadic" way of life. We don't suddenly have more time for yoga, running, reading, or personal development. Yes, we spend more time with our children, even all our time with them, without ever having a moment just for ourselves. Yes, we no longer have time constraints for work or school, but we no longer have unlimited hot water or easy access to the washing machine. The real question is: What do we want? Every choice brings change. What choice makes me happy? What change is necessary for me to move forward on my life path? What glasses do I decide or choose to put on to look at my circumstances... and what adaptations to bring to be closer to what is good for the Self? If these questions bother you too, contact me! I would be happy to accompany you towards more of You in your life!

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