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Anouchka André

Holistic Coach
Change Counselling



How I see coaching:

Coaching is a journey. I go on a part of that journey with you. We work together when you are going through interogations, life changing events, recurent problems, grief, professional reorientation. I come along on that specific leg of your journey with tools issued from positive psychology, transactional analysis, neuroscience, intuition, hypnosis to strengthen the qualities and resources that are yours already. With respect, trust, compassion and kindness I walk side-by-side with you to make lasting, positive changes in how you perceive and live your life.

 It takes a lot of courage to choose to make a change, and I love to be a witness to individuals feeling more empowered, discovering their true potential, living with hope and loving their new self.


Change is frightening.

To bring change costs a lot of energy and often staying in the not-so-perfect situation is easier. To implement real change, the cost of change has to be lower than the cost of status-quo, and the benefits you can imagine perceiving in the future have to be higher than the benefits you already perceive.

Change is an opportunity.

An opportunity to discover new treasures, to realise dreams, to find balance, to give meaning, to meat new people, to find one's place, to be empowered. It is an opportunity to go foreward, to evolve, to develop, to discover your true self.

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About me

Mother, wife, nurse, I am a woman looking towards Life and always searching for fill my days with more of it. Having been personnally touched by illness, I searched for the meaning it had for me and discovered a vast and thrilling world where the boundaries between occidental and traditional medicines wheren't so thick. My goal is to create a bridge between all the unique parts that make us who we are. I attain it by integrating various knowledge based on western medicine and holistic medicine.

My intimate conviction is that by allowing the different sides of us, our body, our intelligence, our emotions and our beliefs to come to awareness, we become more mindfull of what is happening inside of us, of what happens in our interactions with others and can reach for a life lived to its fullest, filled with happiness, peace and contentment. 

Passionnate about the human being and its interactions with himself and its environment, it's naturally that I came into coaching. It's my privilege to bring positive change into the lives of the people who trust in me . 

About me

Femme seule dans la forêt


Source naturelle
“Je suis un témoignage. Cliquez ici pour me modifier et valoriser votre activité.”

Marie Robert


Selon votre demande et votre problématique, nous définirons ensemble le nombre de séances . 

Lors de notre première rencontre, nous ferons connaissance et pourrons établire ensemble un objectif à atteindre, si vous décidez de faire la démarche de coaching avec moi. Cette première séance est gratuite et permet de vérifier si nous pouvons travailler ensembles.

J'utilise ensuite des outils pédagogiques et ludiques pour vous permettre d'atteindre cet objectif. Chaque séance dure environ 90 minutes.

J'accompagne des adultes, homme et femme, des enfants et peut aussi accompagner des familles. Je peux travailler lors de séances individuelles ou en groupe ou un mélange des deux.

Mon cabinet se situe à Vers-L'Eglise, près des Diablerets. Possibilité de faire les séances en présentiel dans mon cabinet ou en virtuel via Skype.


- Coaching by the appointment:  150.-

- 3 appointments coaching package: 400.-

- 5 appointments coaching package: 650.-

Fleurs sur bois


Anouchka André

Chemin des Jeans 16, 1864 Vers-L'Eglise

078/819 14 22


Thank you for contacting me!

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